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BORA Professional 2.0 - a cooktop extractor to revolutionise your kitchen

BORA Professional 2.0 is an award winning system that combines cooktop and extractor. The BORA Professional 2.0 is minimalist in design and is a modular solution that provides you with your preferred solution, whether it's surface induction, gas, both or multiple cooktops. The cover flap of the extractor only opens and closes when selected with a sensor to prevent accidental shutting on fingers. There is a clever heat retention system which has 3 settings to keep your food at optimum temperature and even on the highest power levels, the system is extremely quiet.

BORA Professional 2.0 – video highlights >

Intuitive control knob

Automatic cover flap

Minimum volume

Oversized 4 24 cooking surface

Modular system

Automatic extractor control

Accurate temperature control

Variable heat retention function

BORA Professional 2.0 effect

B0RA Professional 2.0 system

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